Empire: Four Kingdoms

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Build an empire that stands the test of time


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Empire: Four Kingdoms is a management strategy game where players create their own medieval fortress. You construct buildings and recruit soldiers with the aim of defending themselves from enemy attack.

In Empire: Four Kingdoms, you'll have many different buildings that you'll need to build within your borders in order to make your empire flourish. You can even expand your empire's borders in order to fit in the largest, most important buildings, which will allow you to both collect more resources and recruit more soldiers.

Even though defending your empire from enemy attack is very important, a huge part of what makes Empire: Four Kingdoms interesting is that you can launch your own attacks against other players. To do so you can either attack alone or in alliances forged with other players.

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a social strategy game that, despite its apparent ease, offers hundreds of different events, as well as many exciting moments that players will have to face with the help of their troops.
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 2.3 or above

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